The 10 Commandments of Corporate Videos

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Corporate video production is an important element of any company’s marketing strategy. Video marketing helps potential customers learn more about your brand and its products and services.

It is often created for a specific purpose and is viewed by a your target market or a particular section of your target market.

Examples of corporate videos include product information videos, employee training, financial data presentations, and brand advertising films.

At CrawfordCarlin Films, we often get asked for advice on corporate video production and its planning. Here are the Ten Commandments of Corporate Video.

Follow these and you’ll be doing well:

1.    Planning

Pre-production planning is one of the most important aspects of the video production process. It’s important to determine what the purpose of your video is, who you are targeting and why, how much you want to spend on video production, and also the topics that will form the content of the video.

A video production company can help you come up with solutions to all of the above, but you’ll be at an advantage if you make sure these aspects are planned out well in advance.

2.    Target Audience

Who is going to see your video? It it for external use (customers and clients) or internal use (think chief executives or warehouse staff)?

Define your target audience and do some research regarding what motivates them. All effective marketing targets a specific audience and knows what that audience wants.

3.    Distribution Strategy

As your corporate video has to reach a specific target audience, select the right distribution medium. Will you be creating an HD online video (for uploading to YouTube) or a corporate DVD (for selling physical copies)?

This step should be included in the planning phase.

4.    Record Testimonials

When creating a corporate video for attracting potential clients or customers, it’s often a good idea to record testimonials featuring some of your clients. People are always interested in learning about other people’s experiences when using certain products or services.

If you can feature gleaming endorsements of what you do, then more people will be willing to take you up on your offer.

5.    Add Photos

Creating a video doesn’t necessarily mean staying limited to audio and live action presentation. You can improvise and add attractive photos to get your point across in a better way. Photos can be found on places like Google Images, Flickr, and Pixabay.

6.    Close-Ups and Medium-Shots

The best corporate videos have one feature in common: close-ups and medium shots instead of wide-angle shots. When you feature close-ups, you get more intimate with your subject and what you’re presenting to your audience.

This way, it’s a lot easier for your audience to emphasis with what you’re promoting. You’re making your video more human and, therefore, more appealing to your audience.

7.    Professional Editing

If you are creating a video yourself and have not hired a professional corporate video production company, it would be a good idea to at least have the editing done by a reputable agency. A few professional editing touches could tweak the bad and refine the good.

Although, of course, we recommend not doing things in-house, and instead hiring a company like ours to handle the full gamut of video production for you.

8.    Don’t Go Crazy With Graphics

One of the best things about creating a corporate video is communicating with your target audience on a personal level. Consequently, do not depend strictly on graphical content and animation, as they can be distracting and contribute little to the overall message of the video.

Instead, as we mentioned above, use a human touch. Featuring the smiling faces of employees talking about what a great company yours is to work for. Taking a more human touch like this ensures that your video is more appealing to your audience.

9.    Press Release

The press should be the first to know about your corporate video. It doesn’t have to be on the front page of the Guardian website (although that would be awesome), but it does need to get the attention of local press.

After your video has been uploaded, be sure to let all the local journalists know about its arrival by writing a press release. A press release announces a happening and allows companies to communicate effectively with their target audience via the media.

10. Measure Performance

Last, but not last, always remember to deliver on what is promised and focus on measuring the performance of your video. If customers skip or close the video after a few seconds, take it as a sign that your video needs some tweaking. IT’s obviously not engaging your audience effectively.

I hope this has given you a brief idea as to some of the key tenets in designing and producing a corporate video. If all of this seems tricky or too difficult, we’re available to work with you to see your vision become a video reality!

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