Tips for Shooting Your Own Business Video

By April 28, 2016Marketing, Video Production


Shooting a business video, whether you’re doing so for promotional reasons or to use internally, is a great way to get your message effectively across to both your target audience and/or your in house team. Yet, it can be difficult to get started doing so. Here’s what you need to know to get yourself on track.

Getting Started

You’ll never shoot an effective business video if you don’t know and understand the reasons why you’re doing it. If you’re looking to shoot a business video because you think it’ll make your business look cool, or because it seems like everyone else has one, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Answer these questions to give your mission to create a business video purpose:

1. What is the purpose of the video, and what do I want the video to achieve?

2. How will I measure how effective and successful my video is?

3. Is there more than one way to measure this effectiveness and success? What are they?

4. Will these measures change over time? Will success and effectiveness be measured all at once or at different times?

5. Who is my target audience?

6. Am I creating one video or multiple videos? Does this influence the content of the video or how it is presented?

7. What do I want people to do immediately after watching the video? How do I want them to feel? How do I want the video to influence their actions beyond this?

The final points above are definitely the most important; if your video doesn’t inspire an action or an outcome, whether from an employee or target customer, you’d have wasted your time.

Producing Your Video

How you produce the video will come down to how you answer the questions above but will also depend on your business. Shooting a video like our friends at Firework Crazy during a display, for example, is a million miles away from sitting down to deliver a message to customers, or creating an all-action motivational video for your team.

Creating a Script

This allows you to get the message you want to communicate down on paper, but remember that communication is more about how it is said and the body language of the presenter rather than just the words themselves. You definitely want a killer script, but ensure you have someone to deliver it well!

100 – 150 written words usually equal around a minute of speaking, however you should factor in any pauses for effect or other actions the presenter will be undertaking.

Shooting the Video Itself

What is going to make your video look professional? For starters, your checklist should consider:

  • The location the video is shot in, and how this fits in with the aims of the video
  • The quality of the lighting and audio, as well as of the video itself
  • How the video will be edited; who will do it and what editing suite will they use?
  • Any additional effects that you deem essential, such as background music or written text

Can you take care of all of this yourself? If you’re planning a simple video shoot where you or someone else is sitting at a desk, then it might be fairly simple to do. You can quite easily get hold of a plain background as well as decent quality lighting and camera equipment. Yet, this can be quite an investment, particularly if you need to hire an external editor to put it all together and give you a powerful, polished finished product.

Is it All Worth It?

It isn’t hard to find studies online that support the case for using video in your business, whether for marketing, internal use, or other purposes. Whether producing a business video is worth it is beyond doubt, so long as you identify what you’re trying to do and have a clear vision of what you’re looking to achieve based on the list of questions we provided earlier.

The big question is whether you can, especially if this is your first effort at a business video, make it as powerful and effective as you’d like to. If you invest in equipment and your video doesn’t work, what then?

If you haven’t yet considered professional video production, you might be pleasantly surprised at what it costs and the value you enjoy as a result. If video is in your business’ future, get in touch with us to ensure you’re fully aware of all options and opportunities before going it alone.

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