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Videos are a great way to showcase the highlights of your business to potential guests. We’ve created some tips for you to help you create a professional video and showcase the best of your business.

Before you start shooting, think about which parts of your business you want to highlight. Find out what distinguishes your company from those of your competitors and create a video that puts those points in the spotlight.

Using a scorebook or sketching your pictures in the order you want them to, you can visualize your content before you start shooting. You can also create a raw version first and then use it for fine-tuning. Small, detailed improvements and a few test runs can make the end result in a real special feature.

Technical requirements for the promo video

The technical requirements are the easiest to implement – you do not need anything else other than when creating your course, namely good sound and good picture.

Udemy requires a resolution of at least 817 x 451 pixels. Turn your promo video but better in HD (1280 x 720) or even FullHD, then you are prepared for the future. Udemy recommends that you do not put the potential customer on the screen for more than 2 minutes.

  • Format: MP4, MOV, WMV
  • File size: max. 4 GB
  • Length: less than 2 minutes (recommended)
  • Resolution : HD (1280×720)

promo videosContent requirements for the promo video

Now it’s getting exciting. What should you tell the customer – and what not? The answer comes from the needs of the participants – mixed with a bit of advertising psychology. Ask yourself: What do you want to know about a course you are interested in? You will probably arrive at the known W-questions. Always answer the questions as concrete as possible!

  • What can the participant learn? What will he be able to do after completing the course?
  • Who is the lecturer? What sets you apart, why are you the best host? Show your face and voice to let the customer know if he will be with you for several hours.
  • How do you convey your knowledge? You are also welcome to show short excerpts from the lessons. Does your course have practical tasks, do you use exams (quizzes)?
  • Why should the customer take your course (and no other)? And why should this customer take your course (and no one else)?
  • When is the time to click on “book”? There is only one answer: now! The infamous call-to-action. Do not dismiss your customer without having advised him to buy. But do not bother him. Combine the call with a concrete benefit. Instead of “buy me” say for example better “Try me without obligation”.

Only the ” where ” question you can leave out, because who has arrived at Udemy, already knows where the course takes place. However, you have to answer this question when promoting your course on YouTube or your own website! Then do not forget to mention the 30-day right of return.

promo videos

Example: A script for your promo video    

After you have noted the answers to the questions, you should build a small script based on this for your promotional video. This can look like this, for example:

  • 3 seconds: start picture. The customer has just clicked on your video but may need a moment to turn it up. The start picture should not be bored anyway.
  • 20 seconds: what? The essential learning success, ideally on the practical example.
  • 20 seconds: who? At least here you have to come into the picture yourself.
  • 20 seconds: how? Excerpts from your lessons (screencasts, slides …) – with an explanation in the soundtrack.
  • 20 seconds: why? Best explained by yourself or by the presentation.
  • 10 seconds: when? The call-to-action. Ideally with Screencast, in which the mouse pointer moves on the booking button.

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