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production companies ukA film company (or production house) refers to a company that is responsible for the development and physical realization of a movie or television program. Film companies can also have the responsibility of collecting the money needed for production, or it may be done by their intermediary.

The Big Six

Six major film studies are led by Hollywood. Warner Bros., Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures and Walt Disney Studios are responsible for the production and distribution of most high-profile films. Last year, these companies earned $ 4.3 billion, a significant increase from 3.5 billion just a year earlier.

Production companies can be small businesses that sell their products or sell to film studios or present them at theater auctions. But also, especially if it’s a movie or TV company, it can be a movie studio itself

If two or more houses take part in film production, this is called a co-production.

Main goal of production companies?

Video production is the art of making a video in a production company, from writing scenarios, recording, editing to the ultimate goal, which is to create a top-notch video.

If an image is worth more than a thousand words, how do you think how much a video is worth?

Scenario, one part that can be forgotten and think it’s not very important. Yes, you can go to record a music video, a documentary, a promo video, no scenarios, load a bunch of shots, go home, merge videos, and make a video. Will your video, in the best way, present your customers? Does your video have a story behind it? If you are a musician, performer, group, do you think that such a group of people will do the kind of work you have imagined, or even better, without having consulted with them before? The answer to all these questions is NO!

Production companies in UK

Here are a few of our favourite production companies in the UK:

Altitude Films

The Altitude Films production company was founded in 2014. Throughout the past decade, Altitude Films boasts a number of successful productions and co-production of feature films, among which is the film “Big Game”.

Cowboy Films

Cowboy Films , as a production company and production service provider, has come into being thanks to the merger of different sectors pursuing the same goal: a large number of national and international production companies that have come to the UK to work in a location that combines the most diverse landscape zones and the World’s best climate offers to offer a global service.

Blueprint Pictures

Blueprint Pictures workforce is a compact, well-coordinated and professional group of professionals, all of whom have been carefully selected to handle every conceivable service in the audiovisual sector at the highest level.

Ealing Studios

Ealing Studios company is dedicated to the production of documentary films, fiction series, commercials, design, rental of audiovisual equipment and the organization of congresses and events.

Free Range Films 

Free Range Films provides production services in the UK and has several years of national experience. Considered an agile company that provides fast and efficient solutions to the dynamics demanded by the new audiovisual market, it specializes in production services for Spanish and foreign companies. 

Production Companies UK – Don’t Forget Us

We’d be remiss not to mention ourselves in this list. We’re ready and waiting to handle any of your corporate video, promotional video and event video needs. As well as digital marketing and strategy of all kinds.

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