5 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Video

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In the past, video marketing was a cost prohibitive service for businesses. High-quality cameras were rented, cameramen hired, and videos were edited professionally. However, with more people having access to computers and the internet and video making/editing equipment becoming cheaper and easier to use, video has somewhat become a key driver of sales and leads.

It has become an effective and inexpensive way for businesses to get the word out about their services and products, also driving engagement, conversation, and optimization. Not to mention, it also makes it easier to measure marketing results and drive a higher ROI as compared to other media. So, if you haven’t already added video to your marketing strategy, here are five good reasons to start now:

1. It Adds a Personal Feel

One of the best things about adding video to your marketing strategy is it delivers a personal feel to customers. You have the opportunity to talk directly to potential clients and can discuss useful tips or solve potential problems regarding a particular product or service.

Not only does this make customers feel more comfortable about contacting your business, but it also develops a sense of trust, which is imperative for the growth of your business.

You can even ask loyal, regular customers to give their own testimonials in videos, hence adding more credibility to your business. These kind of review formats sell products and services.

2. Easy to Share

A successful marketing strategy brings hundreds and thousands of potential customers to buy a particular product or service. As video sharing sites, like YouTube or Vimeo, give you the platform to target millions of viewers, you can achieve this goal and increase brand awareness, enough to get your business seen and heard through other mediums. This is mainly because unlike TV commercials, videos on hosted sites are shareable.

3. It is Inexpensive

As mentioned earlier, a few years back, creating a video to market your business and its products used to cost a great deal of money. You had to purchase ad time and video equipment.

Now, however, creating a video is incredibly inexpensive and hiring a video production company is more cost-effective than ever before. Marketing products and services online has never been easier for small businesses. As there are many free video hosting sites, you don’t even have to worry about paying for ad space.

4. Professional Approach

Another undeniable reason why your marketing strategy needs to include video is it delivers a professional approach. There is something about a video that suggests a premium stance, provided you produce high quality engaging video content. People will watch the video to the end and stay on your website longer.

Consequently, this increases the likeability of your business, hence improving the chances of consumers bookmarking your site or purchasing a product or service.

5. Proof for Your Product Claims

Anyone can make tall claims about different products or services. However, you can never guarantee the writer has been truthful. Adding a video can be a great way to prove those claims because it offers a visual representations of those claims in action.

Therefore, adding video to your marketing strategy can be used to provide proof for your product claims, hence increasing its chances of selling.

So, if you want to enhance your marketing efforts, increase sales and create brand awareness for your business, it’s time you hire a professional corporate video production company so you can add video to your marketing strategy.

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