With Event Video Production, we capture an entire conference, or other event, and distill it into a captivating film that highlights the occasion.

Increases Your Exposure

Customers and clients don’t know your event exists if it’s not recorded. Our films let people know what went down at your event.

Communicates Your Message

Every event has a message and our films give you a concise way to communicate that message.

Creates A Story

Every successful company or brand needs to tell a story about what makes them tick. What better way than to tell a story about your employees getting together and making things happen?

The Replay Factor

No one can relive a whole event in their heads, but you can with a film of the event that highlights the best of what happened.

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Make Your Events Unforgettable

Are you a company or business that runs events, conferences or seminars? Do you find that these events blend into one another and no one event stands out as being important?

With our Event Video Production, you can make your events unforgettable. We’ll film the happenings of your occasion (whether it’s an afternoon affair or a 3 day weekend extravaganza). We’ll capture everything and you can be reassured that we don’t miss a beat.

From there, we’ll creatively edit the event together, using modern editing techniques, and deliver a short film that highlights the best bits of the event.

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Using Modern Filmmaking Techniques To Captivate Your Audience

We’ll record the event from multiple angles using multiple cameras. We’ll incorporate premium filmmaking and editing techniques using cutting edge equipment to make your film really stand out.

We film interviews with event organisers and attendees to give the film a human touch and help it connect with your audience.

The finished film is short and concise – we don’t aim to bore your audience to sleep with hours of the same speaker talking about the same concepts.

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Grab Attention And Get Your Message Out There

We’ll work with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve with your film. We’ll create something that communicates directly with your audience.

Whether it’s something for internal use or a piece to be used as a marketing tool, the film we create will be an outstanding piece of media that you can use far into the future as a method to communicate your message.

Struggle with getting your videos online – on your website and social media? We’ll hold your hand every step of the way so that you can get your video on your website and through one round of social media sharing. We’ll then give you instructions on how to share to your social media accounts, so that you can share the video as many times as you like.

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What You Get From Us


We’ll give you a DVD version of your highlights film, complete with your company branding and logo.

DVDs make for a great way to screen the film over and over again, particularly to members of your company who couldn’t attend the event itself.


You’ll also receive the highlights film on a USB stick. USB offers easy transportation and transfer of media, so that it can be watched or copied to any location.

Having your media on USB is a modern way of viewing and transporting video.


We’ll even setup a special page just for your company and the event highlights film we create for you. This page will contain a streaming version of your film that is available 24/7, so that any person in your team can view it at anytime.

This is an exceptionally effective way to distribute your film far and wide.

What People Say About Working With Us

Our project required flexibility and sensitivity as it involved working with families of children with disabilities. Not only did Matt & Russ show an ability to work around all our constraints, but they intuitively directed our film to portray us and our families in both a compassionate and caring way.

Lorna Pepler, Family Voice Warwickshire

We worked with CrawfordCarlin Films to create two videos for use on our website to explain our service. They listened to our requirements and created two very professional films. We are absolutely delighted with the quality of their work and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Peter & Alison Lowe, Fitting Farewell

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