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Why Customers Love Online Video • CrawfordCarlin Films

Why Customers Love Online Video

By August 12, 2015Marketing, Video Production


Do you build content and websites for clients across a wide variety of industries? Or do you produce any kind of product or service that can be explained visually?

If so, there is one specific area of content you need to begin investing in immediately: online video. Video production services are one of the most sure-fire ways to impress your clients, as well as your own customers.

Online Video As The Future of Content Marketing

Articles, while useful, can be cumbersome and difficult for people to engage with during their busy lives. Video solves this dilemma, as not only can people casually watch them while still gaining information, but they’re entertaining as well! While you can certainly make a video that communicates information passively, making it as engaging as possible is the best way to dazzle clients and customers.

In today’s world of affordable but high-quality video and audio equipment, companies all over the world are investing in online video to advertise their products/service and raise awareness for their brand. Doing so will make your brand look professional, versatile, and will help you stand out from your competition.

The Different Types of Video Production

In our mind, there is three kinds of online video that might be of interest to your company:

1. Corporate Video Production. CrawfordCarlin Films come into your business a video (or series of videos) that promote your company in general, or even focus on a specific product/service that you’d like to highlight.

2. Event Video Production. For this kind of video production, we go to a conference, seminar, meeting or tradeshow, etc and film for the entire day (or weekend in some cases). From there, we make a short film that highlights the main aspects of the event. We can include interviews, montages, motion graphics and other dynamic types of video production that promote the occasion.

3. Promotional Video. A promotional video is a short video that promotes your business or an aspect of your business, giving your audience a short and concise vision. Promotional videos can be explainer videos, motion graphics projects, and more.

Why Clients Love Online Video

Our clients love seeing their brand and message communicated effectively in a sleek and stylish promotional video. Videos are one of the most promotable content options available in marketing campaigns, and clients get a massive amount of use from the videos we create for them.

Creating a super fine-tuned promotional video will help you increase your brand’s visibility online. We find that our client’s initial investment in video production often easily pays for itself after they’re shared the video with their audience.

Here are a few things that online video will do for you:

  • Increase Sales – As video is such a powerful medium, people will understand your business better and you’ll sell more as a result of using video.
  • Make Your Company More Interactive – Video is interactive and dynamic. Visitors to your website will engage with and feel more drawn to your product/service.
  • Increases Awareness – Video helps you build a brand, launch new or existing products/services, motivate employees, retain customers and build stronger communities.

It’s true that online video works exceedingly well with companies who already have an established audience, but it’s also highly effective for new startups looking to grow.

Now that you know how much value you can gain from implementing online video, you should have no reason to deny yourself this amazing investment opportunity. Affordable, valuable, and easy to use, getting online video produced for your company provides a surefire way to have your business’ revenue and customer retention explode!

If you’d like assistance on your online video journey, just get in touch with us today.

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