Corporate Video: Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line With Video

corporate videoMoving pictures often speak more than a thousand words. Present your company with a meaningful corporate video. Here are some valuable tips for creating a corporate video.

Successful companies and brands spend millions each year creating high-quality corporate videos. But your investments do not have to be that big. It is important that you have a good video storyboard and the corporate film looks professional.

The corporate video and its underrated effect

The production of texts is in the foreground of many companies. Companies underestimate how effective corporate videos are and how easily and cheaply they can be created today. Not for nothing are millions of people making money from their own YouTube channel.

But an effective corporate video is only produced on one condition: it has to be credible. Classic commercials are a good example of how you should not do it! Make sure that the clip looks authentic and reflects your core competencies. Be inspired by TV productions or journalistic stories.

The classic Dollar Shave Club video is a great example of how to do it right:

Create the video storyboard

For each movie, the creation of a video storyboard is recommended. But first, start with a written script by expressing ideas. Based on the collected data follows only the video storyboard.

corporate videoThe storyboard basically consists of 3 areas

  • On the left sketch the scene in a rectangle.
  • In the middle follow a description suitable for the scene as well as comments.
  • Describe in the third column the acoustic events (dialogues, music, etc.).

Create online videos yourself?

Decide if you want to do the filming yourself or have your company video made by professionals. In times when modern smartphones record in 4K with 60 frames per second, you are technically well equipped. The post-processing is possible in programs such as Apple iMovie cost-effective.

Distribute corporate video correctly

Afterward, you only have to create special variants of the online videos. This refers to versions that you share on social networks or embed on your website. You can also distribute your videos to cooperation partners. They also need to be compressed so that the quality does not suffer, but the video is not too big either.

If you upload the corporate movie to YouTube, you can even create online videos there with an editor. Features of the YouTube Video Editor:

  • Several videos and pictures to a film put together
  • Crop clips
  • Add music (from the YouTube library)
  • Adjust clips with tools and effects

Video Marketing: Use Videos Online

Whether you’ve uploaded your corporate video clip to YouTube, Vimeo or your website here’s an important step: using the videos online. Your marketing department is taking the helm and distributing the generated video on social networks as well as key portals on the Internet to reward your efforts.

Never neglect your target audience. In particular, the millennials should appeal to you, because no other group produces and consumes so much content. Moving pictures are especially welcome.

corporate video

Tips for implementing your corporate video

Of course, the quality must also be right for your video to be well received by potential customers. Only with a professional corporate video, you can inspire visitors to your website and social network users.

The foundation of your corporate video is a well thought-out concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

How about, for example, with great aerial photographs of your outdoor facilities filmed with the quadrocopter? Or with O-tones for even more individuality and personality? Our video team also likes to come to your site and shoot your individual corporate video!

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